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Reading Groups

Click here to view the calendar in The Reminder for latest schedule.

The Reading Groups review and discuss books chosen by the group for group discussion.


Book selections are made on a monthly basis. There are two Reading Groups, each reading a different book. Participation is open to members, associate members, and guests who can participate in one or both groups. Meetings are currently via Zoom

Wednesday Reading Group

(Group B)


Meets on 1st Wednesday of every month at 10:30AM, via Zoom

Monday Reading Group

(Group A)


Meets on 3rd Monday of every month at 3PM, via Zoom

2022 Wednesday Book List.jpg
Discussion Leader
April 5
Thunder Below
Gene Fluckey
Roger Timm
May 3
The Women of Copper Country
Mary Doria Russell
Paul Lieberman
June 7
War & Peace: FDR's Final Odyssey (Volume 3)
Nigel Hamilton
Roger Timm
Wednesday Reading Group 2023 Final Book List
Monday Reading Group
2023 Monday books October 22 - Sept. 23.jpg
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