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 Special Events

Updated 01/24/2024

The Special Events Committee

  • October 25 was the planned tour of the renovated Detroit Train Station courtesy of Ford.  On October 12 Ford informed us that they were unable to do the tour this year.  They will work with us to reschedule the tour in 2024.  Ticket holders will be reimbursed.  Malcolm Hendy is the contact.

  • November 8 was to be a tour of the Arab American Museum in Dearborn.  The Special Events Committee working with Club President Paul Kovceses decided on October 11 to postpone the event until 2024 when, hopefully, the war will be over and peace restored. 

  • December 12 will be our annual Holiday Party at the San Marino Club, our most popular event of the year.  This event is on Tuesday and the price is $75.  This is the final event of 2023, a chance to mix with friends and an opportunity to show off your singing and dancing skills.  Contact Jim King.

  • January 10 will be a tour of the Henry Ford Museum.  This is one of the area’s prime attractions and a favorite of the Senior Men’s Club.  Peter Hollinshead is the contact.

  • February and March will have one event as in the past due to so many members travelling south for the winter.  The event will be on March 6 and will be the play “A Little More Alive” at the Meadowbrook Theater.  John Brice is the contact.

Starting in 2024 we hope to return to the Schoolcraft College Culinary Institute for their exquisite dinners.  They have not offered dinner to the public since 2020 due to Covid and we expect them to reopen in early 2024.

Ras Desai

Special Event Committee

Special Events Committee

The Special Events Committee conducts monthly events for the entertainment and education of our members and guests.  Typical events are a bus trip to a sporting event or play, a visit to a museum or other point of interest, a cruise on one of the local waterways, and a tour of local attractions.


Each event is conducted by a three-or-four-man-team.  If you would like to be part of the Special Events Committee, contact Ras Desai at 248-722-4411 or email him at  No prior experience running events is needed.  We’ll train you in what to do, and you’ll enjoy doing it!

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