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September 2016 Discussion Group Preview

See you at the Discussion Group

after lunch every Friday.

Plan to participate in the Discussion Group during the month of September.


We have a very special selection of topics designed for your entertainment, health improvement, preparation for end-of-life and personal growth and enrichment.  I promise you will be enlightened, educated and intellectually stimulated.


Join me on September 9, 16, 23 and 30 from 12:45 to 1:30 PM in the “peanut gallery” of the ballroom, newly designed for a more interactive experience.  New members who have not yet attended a Discussion Group meeting will find it a unique and rewarding experience.


September Discussion Group Chairman:  Augie Perrotta


2     No Meeting


9     Jack Krasula - Host of WJR’s “Anything is Possible"

       Topic:  A Most Unique Human Being - Lawrence “Yogi” Berra







16    Robert Fastiggi, PhD- Professor of Theology, Sacred Heart Seminary

        Topic:  Detmining Death: Contemporary Medical and Ethical Issues






23    Augustine L. Perrotta, DO-SMCB Member

        Topic:  Caffeine-Friend or Foe?







30    Sandy Ladd, M.A. in Clinical Psychology

        Topic:  Introduction to the Enneagram







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