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September 13, 2019

Program -
Philip Power, Founder, Center for Michigan
A Citizen’s Agenda for a Better Michigan

Phil Power’s career began in 1965 when he created and later owned HomeTown Communications, a group of 62 Community papers in MI and OH. HomeTown’s Birmingham Eccentric newspaper is best known to Men’s Club members.


After selling the company assets to Gannett in 2005, he founded in 2006 The Center for Michigan, a "Think-andDo-Tank" in Ann Arbor. In 2011 he launched The Bridge Magazine, published on-line at


The Bridge is part of a nationwide movement by nonprofit news-publications to provide deeper information in an era of widespread media cutbacks and an "information vacuum” left by the decline of newspapers.


Supported by two dozen foundations and corporations plus reader donations, The Bridge has earned “Newspaper of the Year” honors for the second straight year and has won 19 total awards in the MI Press Association’s annual journalism competition, whose judges declared “If anyone was wondering what the future of journalism can look like, Bridge Magazine might be a perfect example.”


After graduating with honors from University of Michigan in 1960, he received a Marshall Scholarship to Oxford in 1962, where he gained an MA in economics, politics and philosophy.

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September 20, 2019

Program - 
Scott McCormick, President, Connected Vehicle Trade Association
Progress and Challenges of the Auto Industry in Automated and Connected Vehicles

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