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Program - Paul Hogle, Executive V.P., Detroit Symphony Orchestra
             Behind the Scenes at One of America’s Most Celebrated Symphonic Ensembles

July 8, 2016

Paul Hogle is the Executive Vice President of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra.


He joined the DSO in 2010 after 26 years in executive positions with the Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago and Indianapolis symphony orchestras. 


Paul in conjunction with his DSO team have been responsible a highly publicized turnaround. Results include innovative programming, community and digital engagement, education and learning programs, coupled with growth in subscription sales, fundraising and patron base. 


Discussion - Bob Siewert, SMC Member
                            Birmingham Then and Now: A Photographic History

SMCB Member Bob Siewert retired from General Motors after 52 years.  Bob then applied that dedication to one of his hobbies, photography  


He has entered the "Our Town Art Show" 22 times, where 29 of his photos were selected for display.


While a volunteer at the Birmingham History Museum, he undertook a year-long project researching 56 photos taken of central Birmingham in 1939 and then matching those photos to over 500 recently taken pictures.  


His talk is the outcome of that massive effort.

July 15, 2016

Gus Mondalek, Middle East Expert

Update on ISIS Worldwide


Gus Mondalek, Middle East Expert

More on ISIS Worldwide - What it Means to Us

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