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Stephanie Bergeron, President & CEO, Walsh College
Walsh College Today

May 6, 2016

Since 2007 Stephanie Bergeron has been President and CEO of Walsh College.  She spent 25 years in automotive industry finance in responsible positions at General Motors, Chrysler, and Goodyear.


Bergeron has presided over major initiatives at Walsh, including the Driving Aspirations Campaign that raised more than $5 million for scholarships; the Walsh College LaunchPad (2010) for aspiring student and alumni entrepreneurs; and Entrepreneur-YOU, a program providing local women with tools and

knowledge for entrepreneurship.


She has a BBA in accounting from the

University of Michigan and a MBA from the

University of Detroit.

Discussion - Peter Landon, Organizer, Teamsters for a Democratic Union
                            Labor Unions and the 2016 Election Cycle

Pete Landon attended Antioch College and New York University.  A long time activist in efforts to challenge and reform the U.S. labor movement, he first served as a union steward at an International Brotherhood of Teamsters local.    


Landon now works as an organizer for the Teamsters for a Democratic Union, a rank and file movement to reform the larger Teamsters union.


Pete speaks nationally at hearings and public forums dealing with multi-employer pension plans.  In addition, he works closely with the staffs of Michigan's U.S. Senate and House delegations on matters of concern to labor, with specific focus on pension matters.  


The speaker and his wife, labor journalist Jane Slaughter are keen observers and chroniclers of unions and politics.  Both are active with the progressive elements of the  Democratic Party. 

May 13, 2016

Michael Lavoie, Partner, Butzel Long

Terrorism, Coups d’Etat and the Resilience of Democracy


Padma Kuppa, Bharatiya Temple, Troy

The Hindu American Story: Promoting Peace

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