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John Clor, Automotive Journalist & Author 
Ford’s Mustangs That Never Were – by Design

May 20, 2016

A graduate of Wayne State University in journalism, John Clor began his career at The Detroit News. After 15-years he shifted to automotive journalism with stints at AutoWeek and later He joined the Ford Special Vehicle Team in 1995.


Clor is an Iacocca Award Winner, author of the new book "Mustang 2015" as well as "Mustang Dynasty" (2007 & 2009), editor of MOCSEM's "Accelerator" newsletter, and host of his own local cable-access TV show, "Cars In Context." He's also a member of several Ford-based car-clubs, and is the proud owner of two '70s era Mustangs, including one he calls "a long-term project."


A veteran journalist and author John Clor has owned, raced, worked on and written about Fords and Mustangs for nearly 40 years. He will talk about how enthusiasts have actually shaped the design and direction of Mustang over the last half-century.

Discussion - Dan Carmody, President, Eastern Market Corporation
                            Detroit's Eastern Market: Today and the Future

A thirty five-year career in downtown and neighborhood revitalization began in Rock Island, IL where Dan grew Renaissance Rock Island into one of the Midwest’s leading community-based development organizations.


Since 2007 Carmody has served as President of Detroit’s Eastern Market Corporation (EMC) where he leads the non-profit charged with transforming one of Detroit’s most venerable institutions into the nation’s most inclusive, convivial, resilient, and robust regional food hub.


EMC works with a wide variety of partners to make Detroit healthier, wealthier, and happier by increasing the consumption of healthy food throughout Detroit, by creating and expanding ventures and employment throughout the food supply chain, and by fully utilizing the market’s role of bringing people together to celebrate good food and each other.

May 27, 2016

Major Thomas Shields, U.S. Marine Corps, MEPS Command

Reflections on Memorial Day


Bob Kenning, SMC Member

Volunteering for Nonprofit Boards: Building Stronger Community

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