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Dr. Sean Moran, History Professor, Oakland University
Origins and Goals of Terrorism

January 29, 2016

After completing his Doctorate at American University, Dr. Sean Moran came to Oakland University in 1990.


He has taught a wide variety of courses as professor of British, Irish, and Intellectual History.  


Dr. Moran published a book on Irish Nationalism, contributed to three others publications, and has published dozens of articles and reviews.  


He currently runs Oakland’s Master of Liberal Studies Program.


Discussion - Stu Shuster, SMC Past President 
                            Chevrolet Corvair From Beginning To End

February 5, 2016

Learn how the early Corvair was developed and the reasons for dropping the line in 1969.  (It was not anything due to Nader)  


Stu Shuster is retired from General Motors Design Staff after joining in 1964 and finally leaving prior to the company going broke. 


Stu continues to collect cars and has powered down on the train collecting. The Carlisle and Finch collection has been donated to the Cincinnati Museum Center with the prewar Lionel display following in 2016.

Dana Nessel, Attorney at Law, Nessel and Kessel

LGBT Rights in Michigan


Stanford Mall, J.D., CELA, CAP, Mall, Mallow, and Cooney, P.C.

Elder Law

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