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October 2, 2015

Program - Shelly Taub, Commissioner, Bloomfield Twp
                       The Good, The Bad and The Ugly in Government

Shelley Goodman Taub is a native Michigander having graduated from Mumford High School and the University of Michigan. Shelley has taught school, managed a business, raised three terrific kids and has been married to Steve Taub for a long time.


Shelley and Steve lived in Kansas where Steve went to medical school. They then moved to Tucson, Arizona for internship and then with two of their three children to California, where Steve served in the US Navy, Medical Corps.  They came back to their mid-western “roots” and had a third child. Shelley entered politics as a dare. She has served as a State Representative and a County Commissioner.


Shelley has worked on issues such as Human Trafficking, Substance Use, Mental Health and Spousal Abuse in addition to serving in Lansing on Appropriations and in Oakland County on Finance. Currently, she is working to create, with help, a Senior Abuse Shelter.

Discussion - Matt Lamarre, Financial Advisor
                            Medicare: The Questions You Should Ask

October 9, 2015 

This presentation is designed to introduce the questions many people have not even considered regarding Medicare and offer solutions in an open forum without the typical corporate response.


The best solution is usually the one no one is offering. Take this opportunity to ask any question you have and receive not just the answer but the thought process used to arrive there.


Matt LaMarre is the Managing Partner of Jackson Kennedy Insurance and Investments. He currently holds appointments with over 50 insurance carriers and has an extensive background in public speaking.


He believes you should be getting your advice from a fiduciary that has your best interests in mind rather than the insurance company that holds the risk.


Michael Alioto, UBS Financial

Economic Choices in Turbulent Times


Roger Krieger, SMC Member

The History of Detroit TV

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