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October 18, 2019

Program -
Deborah Drennon, CEO of Freedom House Detroit
The Freedom House Detroit Story

Deborah Drennan, has been with Freedom House Detroit for 13 years serving as executive director since 2010. Deb has a long history working for social justice.


With more than 45 years in non-profit experience, Deb has helped thousands of people rekindle their spirits and renew their purpose. Prior to joining Freedom House in 2006, Deb worked at Women ARISE, a reentry program in Detroit, for women involved in the criminal justice system.  Meeting women in correctional facilities, their houses, or at the Women ARISE site, Deb worked with women, their families.

Working as the transitional housing program director and community relations/intake coordinator at the Coalition on Temporary Shelter (COTS), in Detroit, the organization was able to house hundreds of individuals and families Deb managed and directed into their programs and services, navigating them towards self-sufficiency and long-term housing.


Deb feels she has found her true calling at Freedom House. Freedom House was founded in 1983 as a temporary shelter for those seeking legal asylum in the U.S. from political persecution in other countries. At any given time, at least 15 countries are represented in Freedom House in Detroit. Residents come from all backgrounds and faiths. Freedom House is a micro-global community supporting each other’s journey through loss and tremendous personal challenge and, ultimately toward hope and joy.


This multicultural environment fosters residents’ ability to set aside their differences, appreciate their diversity, and celebrate together when their common goal of freedom is achieved.


The meaning that Deb has found at Freedom House inspires her to continue advocacy for systemic change that more fully recognizes the rights of all people.

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2019.10.18 Freedom House Detroit

October 25, 2019

Program - 
Richard Marsh, President, Winston Churchill Society of Michigan
Winston Churchill, The Man Who Almost Never Became President

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