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Clark Durant, Co-Founder, Cornerstone Schools
The Cornerstone Story

May 26, 2017 

Clark Durant is President of the New Common School Foundation. In 1991 Adam Cardinal Maida asked him to start and build the Cornerstone Schools in Detroit. He served as Chair or CEO for 18 years. He still serves on the Board. The schools now educate in five locations almost 3,000 students.


They are developing plans to reach 6,000 students. He is a Co-Founder of the Arnold Palmer Turning Point Invitational. He is a member of the Coalition for the Future of All Detroit Schoolchildren and a Co-Chair of its Academic Subcommittee. As President of the State Board of Education for Michigan, he led the adoption of a Vision, Philosophy, and Mission statement which expressed gratitude to God, sought to lift up the role of parents, define an excellent education, strengthen standards, accountability, character, and school choice.


He currently serves on the Board of Excellent Schools Detroit and the Coalition for the Future of All Detroit Schoolchildren. He was a Vice President at Hillsdale College when he was 23, a co-founder of Imprimis, which now reaches more than three million people, and a Captain in the U.S. Army.

President Reagan nominated, and the Senate confirmed, Durant to the Legal Services Corporation, an agency providing legal assistance to the poor. His predecessor was Hillary Rodham. He served four years as Chairman. Transportation Secretary Elizabeth Dole nominated Durant to be the Ann Arbor Railroad Trustee, where he turned a state-owned, state-subsidized railroad into a profitable private sector business.


Formerly the Director of PMG at Munder Capital, Durant earned his law degree and taught at the University of Notre Dame. His early law practice was spent representing people who could not afford a lawyer. He has served on the boards of U of D Jesuit High School, U of M’s Center for Theoretical Physics, the Michigan Chamber of Commerce, Excellent Schools Detroit, and First Tee.

Married for 44 years, Susan and Clark have four children and five grandchildren. Susan loves music, and has sung in many groups, now with Noteworthy. Raised in Ohio, a graduate of Grove City College Susan taught school in Pittsburgh, Pa., Hillsdale, and Buchanan, Mi. She met Clark at the Foundation for Economic Education in NY in 1971.

June 2, 2017

Program - 
Keith Famie, Executive Producer, Visionalist Entertainment Productions 
Living Life through the Lens * 
* This program will be continued after lunch via a Discussion Group format to facilitate additional discussion and Q&A
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