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Jack Krasula, Businessman and Host of the WJR program "Anything Is Possible"
Anything Is Possible - With God

April 28, 2017

Jack Krasula is in the “Encouragement” business. Every Sunday evening, he blasts out a one-hour dose of encouragement called Anything Is Possible! on WJR Radio from Detroit. He does it by helping his guests tell their incredible stories of achievement against all odds, usually giving God the credit. Jack has hosted astronauts, Miss Americas, CEOs, inventors, Hall of Fame athletes, actors, U.S. senators, philanthropists, accomplished preachers, and many others who are lesser known – but whose stories are just as amazing.


Jack’s own story is pretty amazing itself. The son of a

mailman from the South Side of Chicago, Jack is a self-made man who started a computer services firm out of a spare bedroom in his apartment in Detroit. Over the next 26 years he built Decision Consultants, Inc. into a $150 million company with 1,800 employees in offices throughout the United Staes and India.


After selling the company to Ciber in 2002, Jack determined to spend the rest of life encouraging others through new business ventures, philanthropy and overcoming impossible odds, and

that’s exactly what he’s done. His weekly show, Anything Is Possible, has been a platform for telling many of those stories for the past 10 years.

We’re thrilled to have Jack with us this morning to recount just a few. Please give him a big Naples MGF welcome.

May 5, 2017

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