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February 16, 2018 

Program - 
Milan Stevanovich, V.P. Global Strategy
Detroit Chinese Business Association

Milan was born in “Tito’s” Yugoslavia and came to Dearborn as a baby. He managed his family business of bakery, bars and restaurants during his youth.  In the meantime, he attended Schoolcraft College and Oakland University.


He is an entrepreneur who works in the hospitality, lifestyle and entertainment, industry. He also has a strong foundation in software, finance, technology and international business.


For the past 8 years he has worked closely with State Government Business leaders and the Detroit Chinese Business Association. His expertise is to showcase and highlight Michigan’s assets and opportunities to government, media & business leaders from China and other out-of-state companies. 


He has hosted majority of Chinese Delegations in Michigan this decade. He has produced countless matchmaking meetings and over 40 events. Nearly all of the 3+ Billion Dollar Foreign Deposit Investment from China into Michigan is facilitated through his network, employing almost 10K Michiganders.

February 23, 2018 

Program - 
Jeremy Moss, Michigan State Representative, 35th District
Fair Lines & Open Records Addressing Gerrymandering & FOIA Reform in Michigan
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