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Program - L. Brooks Patterson, Oakland County Executive
                       Behind the Scenes of Oakland County

September 16, 2016

L. Brooks Patterson is transforming Oakland County and Southeast Michigan with his 21st Century vision and no-nonsense leadership. His mission is to make Oakland County one of the best places to live, work, play and raise a family as he moves toward a seventh term as chief executive officer of one of America’s most affluent and progressive counties.


Oakland County has reached full employment - under five percent unemployment – because of Brooks’ successful job growth and retention strategies in the knowledge-based economy. Under Brooks’ 24 years of leadership, Oakland County continues to retain its coveted AAA bond rating.


Investment ratings firms recognize Brooks’ administration as the best among counties in the United States because of its multi-year budget - which is balanced through 2021 - and innovation in transitioning employees from a defined benefit to a defined contribution retirement saving taxpayers well over $100 million.


Brooks presides over an $826 million annual budget for Fiscal Year 2016 and a county workforce of nearly 4,300 full and part time benefit eligible employees.

Discussion - Robert Fastiggi, PhD, Professor of Theology, Sacred Heart Seminary
                            Determining Death: Contemporary Medical and Ethical Issues

Robert Fastiggi, PhD is a Professor of Theology at Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit.


On August 5, 1968, the Journal of the American Medical Association published the “Harvard Report” maintaining that total cessation of brain activity is the true indication of death.


Dr. Fastiggi’s lecture will address some of the medical, philosophical and ethical implications of the notion of brain death and why some have raised questions about its reliability.


Is brain death sufficient for you to “pull the plug?”    

September 23, 2016

Kevin Cotter, Michigan House of Representatives

The Issues, Successes and Failures of the Current Legislative Session


Augustine L. Perrotta, DO-SMC Member

Caffeine-Friend or Foe?

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