July 24, 2015

Program - Sheriff Michael Bouchard, Oakland County
                       Policing 2.0

Sheriff Michael Bouchard has enjoyed a lengthy public service career after graduation from Michigan State University. Initially on the Beverly Hills Council, he has served as a State representative and State senator where he introduced many significant legislative items. He has served as Oakland County Sheriff since 1999, being re-elected many times, with a lengthy list of honors and accomplishments.


Sheriff Bouchard will discuss “Policing 2.0”, including legislative updates and the impact on law enforcement, plus training and hiring, best policing practices, media and community relations. He will note the challenges faced in an era of “stop and frisk”, police body cameras, and stun guns.

Discussion - Dr. Donald Borsand - Military Historian
                            The Battle of Britain

Dr. Donald Borsand, military historian, will address “The Battle of Britain.” As Winston Churchill said “never was so much owed by so many to so few.” The “few” were the pilots of the RAF Fighter Command who, through their heroic efforts, prevented the German invasion of the British Isles in 1940. The “many” were the British people. 


Don spoke to us exactly one year ago, to the day, about “The Bombing of Dresden-was it necessary?” which elicited a very lively discussion. This session is obligatory for the 7 British expatriates in the Senior Men’s Club who have chosen to reclaim America, especially Malcom Hendy’s City of Birmingham.

July 31, 2015     Last Meeting till September 4, 2015


Henry Payne, Auto Critic, Detroit News

State of the U.S. Auto Industry - Trends, Challenges, Key Players

Dr. Matthew Johnson - SMC Member

Safe Medication Use in Senior Men