July 10, 2015

Program - Dr. Barry Franklin, Director, Beaumont Cardiac Rehabilitation
                      Exercise: The Antidote to Aging? Reversing the Aging Process

Dr. Franklin is Director of Preventative Cardiology and Rehabilitation at Royal Oak Beaumont. He holds professional appointments at Oakland University, William Beaumont School of Medicine and Wayne St. University. He served as president of the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Medicine.


Dr. Franklin will discuss:


-          The importance of this subject

-          Heart-lung fitness and muscular strength

-          Physical activity, fitness, and mortality

-          Cognitive and sexual function

-          Aging and disability

-          Risks of exercise


Discussion - Tracy Salisbury - Michigan Territory Manager
Clear Caption Telephones - Enjoy Using the Telephone Even with Hearing Loss

Tracy Salisbury, Michigan Territory Manager will tell us about Ensemble, powered by Clear Captions, for the 48 million Americans with hearing loss. It is a captioned telephone which displays text of conversations in near real-time on a large color touchscreen so you can see and hear what callers are saying.


This phone is provided at no cost through the FCC and ADA through the Title 4 Telecommunications Act. The fund pays for the telephone and service as well as installation for anyone that has hearing loss and would like to benefit from the service. There is never any charge to the user for the phone or the service. Clear Captions is a certified caption phone provider for the FCC.


Since we all know there is no free lunch, the money comes from the Universal Service fee that you see on your telephone bill each month and has been in effect since 1990. Like Social Security, you paid into this fund for 25 years and now that you need it, it is here for you.

July 17, 2015


Dr. Carl Clavenna, Opthamologist, Clavenna Vision Institute

Advances in Cataract Surgery

Jim Suhay – SMC Member

The Vietnam Wall