June 5, 2015

Program - Carol Cain, Detroit Free Press, Columnist
The Times Are a Changing: From the Motor City, to Michigan, to the State of Media

June 12, 2015

Carol Cain is the seven-time Emmy award-winning Senior Producer/ Host of "Michigan Matters", the CBS 62 Sunday Morning program   focusing on politics, business, sports and more.

She is an award-winning columnist at the Detroit Free Press writing about business, politics, sports, education and the importance of diversity and building bridges throughout the  community. She also pens stories for CBS, Dome Magazine, the Michigan Chronicle and others.


Hosting “Michigan Matters" since its debut 10 years ago, panelists from business, politics and sports have included Rick Snyder,  Mitt Romney, Jennifer Granholm, Jeb Bush, Mary Barra, Bill Ford, Sergio Marchionne, Mark Fields, Roger Penske, Newt Gingrich, Howard Dean, Geraldine Ferraro, Sir Jackie Stewart, the Chinese Ambassador to the U.S. and many others.

Born in Detroit, Carol attended Detroit Public Schools, later earning a BA in Communications from Michigan State University and MBA from the University of Michigan.

Discussion - Gene "Geno" Markel, SMC Member
                               Aspects of 3D Modeling and Manufacturing

Geno Markell is a 30 year GM veteran, who  began his career in Cheyenne Wyoming as a Field Training Instructor,progressing via Salt Lake City, to become Supervisor of Service Training in Detroit and a Senior Engineer at Cadillac.


After retiring in 1998, he continued to develop interactive diagnostic and repair programs for the OEM's and the aftermarket, retiring for second time in 2008.


Geno remains closely involved with providing 3D illustrations for aftermarket publications, applying the latest technologies.


Richard Marsh, President, Winston Churchill Society

Winston Churchill and the Dream


Stu Shuster, SMC Member

The Morgan Car Co. and it’s Products