June 26, 2015

Program - Dr. Kazuyuki Katayama, Consul General of Japan in Detroit
      Japan-China Relations: China’s Rise and Its Implications on Japan-U.S. Relations

Dr. Kazuyuki Katayama is the Consul General of Japan in Detroit.


He earned an international education, with a law degree from Kyoto Univiversity, MA from Harvard, and a PhD from the Univiversity of Malaysia.


Dr. Katyama began his career in the Japan Foreign Affairs Ministry in 1983, involved with Energy Resources and Cultural Affairs.  Overseas, he has held senior embassy postings in China, US, Malaysia, and most recently in Brussels.


He joined the Detroit Consulate General in September 2013, where his office has a birds-eye view of the Ambassador Bridge.


Dr Katayama will review Japan’s 43 year relationship with China and how a win-win situation can be forged in the future . . .

Discussion - Mike Speer, Retired Healthcare Executive
                              Revolutionary Change in Healthcare Delivery

Mike Speer will tell his of ThedaCare’s transformation in the healthcare industry.  It has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, a book by Michael Porter, and a case study at Harvard Business School.


He retired from ThedaCare Healthcare System in Appleton, Wisconsin.  At ThedaCare Mike led Human Resources, Executive and Management Development, Clinical Labs, Clinical Quality, Productivity Improvement, the Lean Initiative, and Organizational Transformation.


Mike received a BA in Management from Eastern Michigan University.  He worked healthcare for 23 years after a 22 years in manufacturing.

July 10, 2015

No Meeting July 3


Dr. Barry Franklin, Director, Beaumont Cardiac Rehabilitation

Exercise: The Antidote to Aging? Reversing the Aging Process


Tracy Salisbury - Michigan Territory Manager

Clear Caption Telephones - Enjoy Using the Telephone Even with Hearing Loss