May 8, 2015

Program - Jim Schaefer, Pulitzer Winning, Investigative Reporter for Detroit Free Press
                      A Surviving Journalist’s Tales from the Street

Jim Schaefer graduated from Ohio State University. He was an investigative producer for WXYZ-TV.


With the Detroit Free Press, Schaefer was one member of a team that

covered Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, and uncovered the scandals that led to his 2008 resignation from office and criminal conviction.


To break the case open, the reporters filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit that was heard by the Michigan Supreme Court. Schaefer and M.L. Elrick shared the 2009 Pulitzer Prize for Local Reporting, which cited "their uncovering of a pattern of lies by Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick that included denial of a sexual relationship with his female chief of staff, prompting an investigation of perjury that eventually led to jail terms for the two officials.”

May 15, 2015

Anthony J. Yanick, M. A., is an award-winning author of four books on Michigan history and one on Catholic fiction.


His last book, The Fall and Recapture of Detroit in the War of 1812 was named outstanding Michigan history publication for the year 2012.


Mr. Yanick is a 26 year veteran of General Motors where he worked as a speechwriter. He also served as editor of “Wheels”, the Journal of the National Automotive History Collection, and as a member of the Committee for Planning and Administration of Highway Safety, the Transportation Research Board, and the National Research Council.

Discussion - Anthony Yanick, Author
                            The Founding of Chrysler Motors

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