March 20, 2015

Program - Michael S. Dzialo, President, Managed Asset Portfolios
Global Macro-Economic Environment: The Impact on Financial Markets

Michael Dzialo is the founder, president and Chief Investment Officer of Managed Asset Portfolios, LLC, a Rochester-based Investment Adviser.


He will focus on a global economy that is more complicated than ever.  Record low interest rates; even negative in some counties; volatile currency movements, and record amounts of Central Bank intervention all have led to a heightened degree of uncertainty.  As a result of an excess amount of debt in the global financial system and a change in employment demographics, they believe the traditional economic cycle is being redefined.  This will have profound impacts on savers, investors, consumers and businesses alike.


Michael is a graduate of Wayne State University. He is married to Donna and has two wonderful children, Stephen age 12 and Stephanie age 9.  

Discussion - Jim Wolfe, Traveler: Exploring Cuba

Join Jim Wolfe as he travels to Havana, the capital, and Cienfuegos and Trinidad on the south coast, to explore daily life in Cuba.  The trip will include visits to artist and writer co-ops, senior day-care centers, special need schools, coffee and sugar plantations, organic farms, beaches and tourist highlights.  Enjoy the nightlife and music and visit Hemingway’s home and favorite haunts.


Jim and Py Wolfe are world travelers and former teachers and administrators.  They have spent the past 30 years traveling to places that are "off the beaten path" and more remote or dangerous than normal tourist venues.  They also work with the U.S. State Department and International Visitors Council of Detroit, annually hosting delegations from throughout the world.

March 27, 2015


Helen Taylor, State Director, The Nature Conservancy

Changing Scale of Conservation: Shifts in Land Protection Strategies


Jeremy Mitchell, Recruitment Coordinator, TIP, Wayne State University

Wayne State Successes with TIP