March 13, 2015

Program - Dr. Steve Wogaman, President, Chamber Music Society of Detroit
                  Introducing Chamber Music – All Over Again

Steve Wogaman is only the fourth president in the 71-year history of the Chamber Music Society of Detroit.  In less than four years under his leadership, the CMSD has expanded its concerts from 12 to 20 and increased the reach of its educational programs four-fold. 


Steve was trained at the Eastman School of Music and Indiana University, where he completed a Doctor of Music degree in piano performance with the legendary Beaux Arts Trio pianist Menahem Pressler.  An avid cultural entrepreneur, Steve’s doctoral dissertation evolved into a project that reached over 1.5 million children in schools all over rural Kentucky.


Steve will talk with us about the nature of chamber music in the 21st century, a time when many of the musical norms of the past 200 years are being re-examined, tested, re-invented and embraced anew as one of the world’s most treasured artistic traditions.

Discussion - Lisa Mammoser, Beaumont Speech, Language & Hearing Department
                            Memory Tidbits for Daily Living

One of the well documented effects of aging is deterioration of short-term memory. Thus it is entirely appropriate for the Senior Men’s Club to be interested in how to deal with this problem.


In this presentation, Lisa will describe practical tools and strategies to help deal with the effects of short-term memory loss.  The presentation is based on her work with those suffering from short-term memory problems caused by aging, neurologic impairment, and closed-head injuries among others.


Learning these tools and strategies before needed will allow us to be prepared to use them when necessary.

March 20, 2015


Michael S. Dzialo, President, Managed Asset Portfolios, LLC

Global Macro-Economic Environment: The Impact on Financial Markets


Jim Wolfe, Traveler

Exploring Cuba