March 8, 2019

Program - 
Tolulope Sonuyi, MD
Emergency Medicine Physician and Assistant Professor, DMC and WSU
Violence x Health x Community: An Imperative Relationship

Dr. Tolulope Sonuyi works as an Emergency Medicine physician and Assistant Professor for the Detroit Medical Center and Wayne State University, respectively.  Upon obtaining his medical degree at the University of Michigan, he completed residency training at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit and subsequently began work at Sinai-Grace Hospital of the Detroit Medical Center.  


As an Emergency Medicine physician at the bustling Sinai-Grace Hospital, Dr. Sonuyi applied his belief in the ability of the Emergency Department and the community to be able to work in concert to address the ills that render communities unhealthy and in distress.  After taking note of the alarming recurrent cycle of violence seen in the ER with Detroit's young adult population, Dr. Sonuyi founded and spearheaded the development of the state’s first hospital-based violence intervention program, Detroit Life is Valuable Everyday (DLIVE).  


DLIVE’s work is rooted in addressing violence with a health-centered approach – an approach that is designed to improve individual and community health by implementing innovative strategies for preventing repeat injury, death, and incarceration. DLIVE’s impact in transforming trauma has been remarkable and has not gone without notice as they have received notable recognition and awards, individually and collectively, on a local and national level. DLIVE received the Ludwig Community Benefit Award from the Michigan Health and Hospital Association in 2017. In addition, Dr. Sonuyi received the Crain's 2018 Health Hero and was named the 2017 Emergency Medicine Physician of the Year by the Michigan College of Emergency Physicians.


We will 'Learn of how a devastating preventable disease that ravaged a community was left untreated for 30 years and of the innovative groundbreaking work now being done to treat it.'

March 15, 2019

Program - 
Swarupa Anila, Director of Interpretive Engagement
Detroit Institute of Arts
Innovations in Art Museum Exhibition at the DIA

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