March 15, 2019

Program - 
Swarupa Anila, Director of Interpretive Engagement
Detroit Institute of Arts
Innovations in Art Museum Exhibition at the DIA

Swarupa Anila leads a team of specialists in the development of visitor-centered experiences of exhibitions from overall story-lines to engaging texts and hands-on digital components. Inspired by seeing people’s powerful and meaningful engagements with art, Swarupa has led innovative practices to broaden the DIA’s impact and deepen connections with its communities.


This work has earned the DIA prestigious accolades, including the Michigan Museums Association’s 2017 Peninsula Prize and American Alliance of Museums 2012 Excellence in Exhibition Award. With the DIA’s community-collaborations for new Asian galleries that opened in 2018, Anila continues to create models for the museum field.


During her talk, she will engage audience members in activities that demonstrate some of these innovative methodologies. She will discuss how they further the DIA’s mission of helping each visitor find meaning and making art a vital part of life for people in the Southeast Michigan community.

March 22, 2019

Program - 
Mallory McMorrow, Michigan State Senator, 13th District
Michigan’s Moonshot: Our Automotive Future and How We Get There

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