February 6, 2015

Program - Margo Strebig
                      Detroit Chamber Wings and Strings - Why I Love Music

The purpose of DCWS is to provide world-class presentations of repertoire that vary in instrumentation but emphasize brass and woodwinds instruments.


Through these presentations, DCWS builds rapport with audiences by performing in intimate concert settings.


DCWS is nationally recognized for their contributions to the arts and locally acclaimed for encouraging young musicians.

Discussion - Dave Dinger
                            SMC Member - Field Artillery in the Civil War

The speaker is Dave Dinger, SMCB Member   "Civil War Field Artillery"

Dave will cover the organization of artillery both North and South and the types of guns as well as their uses. He will also give a understanding of the Battery, its makeup in personnel and material.  It will also include a discussion on Ordnance, the various types and uses. Dave will have models of cannon and examples of Ordinance, many of which are authentic artifacts that have been dug up from battlefields.

February 13, 2015


Joe Sternad, Mgr. Customer Service, Birmingham, US Postal Service

Challenges to the U.S. Post Office


Don Hoeft, GM Retiree

Experiences of 44 Years in 48 Countries with General Motors Export Division