January 18, 2019

Program - 
Julie Dawson, Birmingham Watercolor Artist, Author & Photographer
Seeing the World Through the Heart of its Bells

Bells are truly unique creations!  Throughout history, every culture in every country has used bells for so many purposes and reasons. 


Julie Dawson's travels with her husband, Peter, have experienced amazingly inventive ways people have devised to use bells.  

Since 1973, Julie has been a career watercolor artist, author, photographer, speaker, and designer.

Her work has been inspired by intensive extensive travels in 101 countries continually pursuing new directions.

Currently, she has created a line of 60 products with her art on them.  From neck ties, to scarves, to tiles etc. . . , all sold online.  She is working on licensing her designs for companies to use on their products.

The Cultural Arts Council just honored her with their annual award.


She says, "Every day is exciting pursuing my world of creativity."

website:  https://juliedawsonartist.com/

January 26, 2019

Program - 
Kathy Broock Ballard, Max Broock Realtors
2019 Real Estate Outlook