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Welcome to our Classic Movie Group Web Page.


The Classic Movie Group was formed in 2007, by Augie Perrotta and Irv Poston, and celebrates its Seventeenth Anniversary in 2024.

The Classic Movie Group Committee meets annually, in the fall, via Zoom, to select the films to be shown during the following year.  Each member of the committee then presents one or more of the twelve films that we show throughout the year, on the second Monday of each month, at our Classic Movie Group Meetings.  We show a wide variety of classic feature films from many eras and genres.


We will continue to use Zoom for our Monthly Meetings to bring you films with a clear and steady picture with subtitles along with outstanding sound.  All you need to do is mark your calendars, in advance, for each show and bring your own popcorn to make your movie going experience complete for you, your family and friends.

For your reference, our latest Film Schedule is shown below for your planning convenience.


Hope that you can join us each month for a great show.

Fred Hansz – Chairman

Classic Movie Group Schedule for 2024

(FINAL – October 20, 2023)

January 8 – Richard Dalton – Executive Suite (1954)   1 hr/43 min

February 12 – Robert Sparks – Platoon (1986)   2 hrs

March 11 – Joel Adelman – High Noon (1952)   1 hr/25 min

April 8 – Waller Harris – Double Indemnity (1944)  1 hr/47 min

May 13 – Joel Adelman – Argo (2012)   2 hrs

June 10 – Jon Haber – The Lost Weekend (1945)  1 hr/41 min

July 8 – John Maten – Young Frankenstein (1974)   1 hr/46 min

August 12 – Fred Hansz – Sons of the Desert (1933)   1 hr/8 min

September 9 – Tom Booth – The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948)  2 hrs/6 min            October 14 – Jon Haber – I Married a Witch (1942)   1 hr/17 min

November 11– Tom Booth – The Manchurian Candidate (1962)  2 hrs/6 min
December 9 - Waller Harris – Meet Me In St Louis (1944)   1 hr/53 min

All Shows presented via Zoom at 1:00 PM

Classic Movie Group Committee for 2024


Chairman: Frederick H Hansz

Vice Chairman: Waller B Harris

Secretary: Joel S Adelman

Monthly Chairmen 2024

January    Richard Dalton

February    Robert C Sparks

March     Joel S Adelman     

April    Waller B Harris    

May    Joel S Adelman  

June    Jonathan F Haber         

July   John R Maten  

August    Frederick H Hansz

September   Thomas L Booth 

October     Jonathan F Haber      

November    Thomas L Booth      

December       Waller B Harris

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